handdyed yarn - 100g/3,5 oz. - Colour book of Kells

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Product Description

This colourway is a combination of turquoise, blue, orange

please note, that each monitor shows colours a bit differently.

Care: I recommend handwashing, especially the first time, because the yarn might bleed a bit
despite carefull rinsing.

The yarn comes from a smokefree, but petfriendly home.

all my orders are customdyed. the waiting time is according to the amount of orders i have. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

each colour is available on many yarn bases and in many different weights. to make it easier for you to decide, i have listed all the yarn here with a short description.

a very special sockyarn without any artificial fibers.it has a nice wear and through the silk a light shine. you can use this yarn for many projects, like mittens, scarves or jumpers.

Material: wool 60%, silk 20%, bamboo 20%
100 g ( 3,5 oz) / 420m ( 460 yards)
needles 2-3, US 0 - 2,5

This yarn is my absolute favorite. it is supersoft and fluffy, but it has nevertheless a beautiful stitch definition. it can be used for anything worn next to the skin, except socks and mittens.
Material: wool 50%, silk 50%
100g ( 3,5 oz )/250m ( 273 yards )
needles 4-5, US 6-8

This yarn is made of 100% Alpaca. It very soft and fluffy and absolutely lovely to wear. It knits up very quickly and is suitable for most projects, especially hats, scarves, cardigans and jumpers.
Material: 100% Alpaca
100g (3,5 oz) / 200m (219 yards)
needles 3,5 - 4,5 / US 4 - 7

Taj Mahal
This yarn is absolutely a dream.Seldom I have seen such a soft yarn and i have seen many yarns. Because of the silk, the yarn has a lovely sheen and drape. It is suitable for everything worn next to the skin, hats, scarves, shawls, jumpers....... the only things i would not use it for would be socks, which take a lot of wear.
Material: Alpaca/Silk/Cashmere 70/15/15
100g (3,5 oz)/ 420m (459 yards)
needles 2 -3, US 0 - 2,5
A wonderful soft and fluffy yarn with a light sheen. Very nice to wear next to the skin and because it is Aran weight yarn very suitable for quick projects.
Material: Alpaca/Silk 70/30
100g ( 3.5 oz)/ 160m (176yards)
needles: 4-5, US 6-8

Silky Lace
This laceyarn is ideal for practically all laceprojects. The yarn is very soft and has a very comfortable wear. The added silk gives it a lovely sheen and drape.It is not as thin as some laceyarns,so you could use it also for other projects than lace.
Material: 80% Merino , 20% Silk
100g ( 3,5 oz)/ 600m (656yards)
needles according to the project

handdyed yarn -  100g/3,5 oz. -  Colour book of Kells

Shades of Light

hello, thanks for stopping by. All my life I was playing around with yarn, fiber and colours, i cannot imagine life without these things. i learned weaving about 35 years ago and i always dyed some of my yarns, first mainly with plant dyes. I got tired with the limited range of plant dyes though and now i am mainly using professional acid dyes. I hope you will enjoy my yarns.